S&W M&P10 - small things to know

Discussion in 'Rifles' started by S&W-Shooter, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Hi guys

    Thought I would share some of my experiences and frustrations. If you know what you are in for then this will be a sweeter road to walk.

    First things first. When getting into the AR10 market the M&P10 is the best bang for buck. At the time I was about to buy a Daniel Defense because it was the only option left. This is of course in 7.62x51. You can't go compete with a 300 blk in 3GN for heavy/major. Only SADPA allows such a minor calibre to be considered major. So options at the time was a bit limited.

    Luckily for me I randomly saw something on a site and phoned the dealer. Got the rifle for R16k versus the R44k I would have spent on the DD and the other more affordable option was the DPMS.

    Anyway what I've learned. Money doesn't always buy reliability. I've seen a DPMS AR10 Gen II fail big time with these "bully beef" tins of surplus ammo. We all know the excuses (steel cases, precision machine, etc.). Bottom line is a high end rifle should be more reliable with anything not just premium ammo. Thing is DPMS rifles are nice but by no means considered a top tier rifle in the USA. Why do I qualify that by saying in the USA well they have access to all kinds of AR builds that we cannot even dream of yet. We get sold whatever the dealer can get down here as "top tier". Also funny how what is considered top tier one month is trash when the dealer finds something else he is now an agent off. Look it's business and a man must eat. I'm just saying don't buy into all the hype.

    I'm not peeing all over the DPMS. It's a solid firearm and definitely a good entry to mid level AR. It's just not top tier and I don't want anyone to fork out top tier money for something they are not going to get. Not that I'm saying the M&P is a top tier AR but considering the price point and what performance you get out of it, I think it's a case of getting more for your buck in this case. Exactly like the Norinco AR15.

    Now after the ranting sidetrack let's get back to business.

    Short Stroking (Common known issue)

    First off this rifle needs to be run in. It was developed for the civilian market for hunting. So it wants full power hunting loads for the first 200 - 300 rounds. I also had issues with my M&P10 with the bully beef ammo. It would run fine for a couple of shots but would fail almost after each 2nd shot when an inexperienced shooter would handle it. Almost like they are "limp wristing" the rifle. However it would fail from time to time with me as well.

    The failure would be short stroking. It would not move the bolt far enough back to pick up the next round from the mag. It ejected everything just fine but didn't always pick up the new round. Got some factory rounds for commercial use and ran that exclusively for the 3GN Autumn Nationals 2015 and for a couple of matches after that. Then went back to the "bully beef" tins and it runs like a sowing machine. This wasn't knowledge I discovered on my own but some internet wisdom that turned out to be true for once. I was getting kind of depressed thinking I would need to run factory ammo only. Of course you can use higher pressure hunting reloads as well. All I know if it didn't like the bully beef in the beginning.

    Magpul MIADs work just fine. Just make sure you get the correct kit. You need the Type 2 Kit for the M&P10. Having a larger receiver.
    Troy rails work just fine and if you are a fan of Troy then don't worry about the rails not working on the M&P10.
    The buffer tube is milspec.
    If you want to run a AXTS Raptor in it then you're going to have to customize that charging handle a bit. It is not a drop in part.
    Works just fine with Magpul PMAGS.
    In fact I've yet to find a magazine it doesn't like.

    General comments:
    The rifle is more accurate than I need it to be. So nice to not have to worry about hold when doing those long range shots versus using my AR15. Just put the sights right on where you want to hit and the rifle will do the rest.

    At this stage I'm super happy with the performance of the M&P10. Now that it has been run it, it has never given me an issue. It has never failed to feed or eject. Well failed to feed in the way of a jam. So not including the short stroking.

    The trigger is not bad for a military trigger but of course you would want a Timney or Geissele.

    In conclusion for a cheaper but super reliable AR10 platform you have to look no further than the M&P10. It's a solid platform to build on.
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    Good day fellow shooter. "Luckily for me I randomly saw something on a site and phoned the dealer. Got the rifle for R16k versus the R44k" i am really keen on this rifle.Could you possibly put me in contact with your dealer.I have looked around and the prices are quite a ways off from what you paid.

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