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Discussion in 'ICORE' started by S&W-Shooter, Jun 3, 2016.

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    Hi guys

    As always looking for an excuse to buy another revolver I've been toying with this idea. What I figure is the best revolver for each division and why.

    S&W 686 - because I have one. Because I love it and because the L-frame for me has the right balance between weight and size to dampen the 357 magnum load and to shoot 38spl with a 120 power factor as per requirement for all ICORE divisions except ICORE Rimfire this will just eat the recoil. That plus there are very nice accessories available for the 686. Jetloaders or Safariland Comp II's and III's.

    S&W 929 (a very close second would be the 627 followed by the 625)
    First of all the capacity of 8 for both the 929 and the 627 makes it winners. Both are N-frames and will absorb that recoil or the 120 pf ammo. The 625 is great (and what I've been using for Limited because I love it) but the extra 2 rounds does come in handy. Why I've run the 625 and not the 627 is the cartridge. Pistol ammo is just nice short and more rigid in the moonclips than longer cartridges like the 38spl or the 357 magnum. They tend to wiggle a bit more. Granted with the right clips this can be mitigated but the longer cartridges also have a longer way to go when extracting.

    I think this is why the 929 is the clear hands down winner here. Best of both the 627 and the 625. It has the capacity of the 627 but the advantages of the pistol cartridge of the 625 but with even less recoil, shoots a cheaper cartridge and for guys lazy to setup another reloading calibre (dies, cases, bullets etc.) it just works with your pistol ammo. So just easier to make the transition form pistol to revolver.

    Because there is no power factor difference between the divisions I would again go with the Limited recommendations as a base gun for the Unlimited build but again a great nod towards the 929 for the win.
    Although probably a bit more exotic I wouldn't mind going with a Metabe here. For nothing else than that semi-auto action. I've seen a guy run splits on his 44 magnum one that rivaled his 45 acp splits in his 1911 and he is a good CDP shooter.

    So let's here it. What would you guys run and why? "Because I love it" i definitely a relevant response.

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